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Do you read newspapers and news outles, try this...  by necro1986

necro1986 says: This application offers fast and easy access to world newspapers and magazines, optimized for mobile platforms. We have more than 25 countries and 4600 WorldWide newspapers. Features: * inteligent sorting - most visited countries, newspapers are displayed at top * sharing with friends - facebook, twitter, email * inteligent case insensitive searching * bookmarks for newspapers and magazines * add custom newspapers (user can add custom newspapers to list) * multilanguage - German, English, Slovak, Czech * gesture control - for faster access to favourites newspapers * widget with gesture dialog (application should be installed in phone, not moved to sd card) * fast scrolling in long lists * automatic memory cleaning * switch between mobile and web view for newspapers NEWS ARE: * action bar for better navigation * personalised settings - user can set what he wants to see as home screen eather default country list, bookmarks or list of newspapers for specific country * layout improvements We are still working on improvement of the application, adding new countries with more newspapers adding translations.... If you miss your country in our application, do not hesitate to contact us by email: and we will add it.
necro1986's picks
  1. News Selection Newspapers
    News Selection Newspapers cause it is realy great oportunity how to browse mobile worldwide newspapers
  2. Gesture Way
    Gesture Way Cause it´s offer great way how to throw away lots of icons from screen and use smartphone realy smart
  3. WOL - Wake on Lan (widget)
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