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Top Get Started Apps of 2011-2012  by PaytonSP

PaytonSP says: I am always looking for the next great thing to make life as simple as possible. I virtually do everything with my Android.
PaytonSP's picks
  1. Lookout Security & Antivirus
    Lookout Security & Antivirus The most comprehensive protection for your Android is Lookout Mobile Security. Now enhanced with Carrier IQ detection, you can feel a little more sure that your phone is safe. Make Lookout Mobile Security your first app download from the Android Market now.
  2. 3G Watchdog - Data Usage
    3G Watchdog - Data Usage Unless you have a plan with unlimited data you'll want this app. I found out the hard way. With 3G Watchdog you can set your limits and the date your monthly plan renews. You can keep track of your usage and therefore avoid those overage fees. Get it today!
  3. Dolphin - Best Web Browser 
    Dolphin - Best Web Browser  Dolphin Browser is my favorite alternative to the stock browser. With gesture support, tabbed browsing, and many other add-ons, Dolphin is the ultimate mobile web browser.
  4. eBuddy
    eBuddy Wanna keep in touch with your Facebook and Twitter peeps in one app? You can with eBuddy. With eBuddy you can chat with your Windows Live, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, Myspace, ICQ, Hyves, and Facebook buddies. No more going back and forth between chat apps. How sweet is that?
  5. GO Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper
    GO Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper You may be perfectly happy with your stock launcher. But if you want an excellent second option, then grab GO Launcher EX now. Highly customizable, this launcher made me forget about my stock launcher in very little time.
  6. Ringdroid
    Ringdroid Ringdroid allows you to take your favorite mp3 file(s) and customize your ringtone your way. Give it a try today!
  7. Slacker Radio
    Slacker Radio Slacker Radio is your best alternative to Pandora. The one advantage I'd say about Slacker is that you can get news updates while you're listening which is kinda neat. So if you want to try an alternative to Pandora, then get Slacker radio now!
  8. The Weather Channel
    The Weather Channel Simply put, you need to know as much as you can about the weather where you are and where you're going. But you don't always have time to wait for the forecast. For the "on the go" folks there's The Weather Channel app for Android. You no longer have a reason to get caught out in the rain with no jacket. A definite must have app.
  9. TuneIn Radio - Radio & Music
    TuneIn Radio - Radio & Music Wanna catch your favorite radio program but you're nowhere near your radio? Well TuneIn Radio is just what you need. With TuneIn Radio you have access to thousands of streams from across the globe. And if you have the pro version you can even record streams for playback later. Make TuneIn Radio part of your app library today.
  10. ESPN
    ESPN If you have to have the score of the big game and can't get near a TV then you need the ESPN ScoreCenter app now. You can set it up to track all scores from nearly every sport on earth and to specifically track your favorite team(s). What are you waiting for, the postgame report? Download the ESPN ScoreCenter app now!



Cool List. When you get a chance, check out ViBe. It lets you set custom vibration patterns for contacts. So whenever you phone is set to vibrate and a set contact calls or texts you, you will know who it is :).

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