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Top 4 Android Esential Apps of 2011  by rgallego98

rgallego98 says: Forty six year old who has started getting into shape and also need the esstentail support from my Dell Streak to do so. This list provides everything from tracking to listening to keeping up with the latest news and even the night sky!
rgallego98's picks
  1. Sky Map
    Sky Map Who deosn't look up at the night sky and think what constellation is that one? Well now I know!
  2. Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding
    Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding Simply put I know where I go, how long it takes, and how well I do. LOVE IT!
  3. Sirius XM Flash Loader
    Sirius XM Flash Loader No way could I survive in this city without it.
  4. LinkedIn Pulse
    LinkedIn Pulse Got my news and any other blogs I need in one place!
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