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Top 5 Android Productivity Apps of 2011 #topapps2011  by ploveland

ploveland says: These are tools I use extensively for my home business.
ploveland's picks
  1. Expensify
    Expensify This keeps track of my business expenses, including the ability to take a picture of the receipt so they aren't cluttering up my wallet.
  2. Square Register - POS
    Square Register - POS Sign up for an account with Square at and they will send you a dongle you just plug into your phone to swipe credit cards, or you can run them by typing them in as well. Only cost is a per transaction, no contracts!
  3. Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF)
    Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF) You can edit anything almost as easily as on a desktop.
  4. Google Drive
    Google Drive I like being able to keep documents and edit them all in one place, no matter if I'm at a desk or out somewhere. However, editing isn't as easy as Quickoffice, so I use this for minor changes.
  5. ColorNote Notepad Notes
    ColorNote Notepad Notes I love having a widgit of 'to-do's on my home screen so I won't forget!
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