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Top 5 Santa Claus Live Wallpapers - 1   by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: I love Santa! Here are my favorite Santa Live Wallpapers. Note there is more than one list.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Santa Live Wallpaper
    Santa Live Wallpaper This live wallpaper has Santa visiting in a house held by a hot air balloon (not a reindeer with a sleigh. I don't know why). He hovers over a house dropping gifts - and the scene accurately reflects time of day changes. Cute, quirky.
  2. Santa Bobble Live Wallpaper
    Santa Bobble Live Wallpaper A bobble headed Santa inside of a snow globe waves. Snow falls, Santa's head moves, and the red background sparkles and shimmers.
  3. Santa Claus Live Wallpaper
    Santa Claus Live Wallpaper A cute cartoony live wallpaper of Santa stuck in the chimney. Then, every time a fire is lit below he jumps out with flaming rear end!
  4. Christmas Santa Live Wallpaper
    Christmas Santa Live Wallpaper This LWP has lots of cartoon Santa scenes as backgrounds that you can choose from, with snow falling in the foreground. Nice quality.
  5. Falling Santa Live Wallpaper
    Falling Santa Live Wallpaper This cute interactive live wallpaper lets you score points. Santa falls down the screen towards a house with a chimney, and you tilt the phone to get him into the chimney. Fun for all ages.
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