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Top 5 Advent Calendars for Android  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: Here is a list of my favorite Advent Calendars for Android. Merry Xmas!
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Christmas Countdown Elf Story
    Christmas Countdown Elf Story This cute advent calendar has a story in 12 episodes about elves saving Xmas.
  2. Advent 2011+
    Advent 2011+ This advent calendar is shaped like a house and has 30 days. Each reveals a surprise and a message about Xmas. Great!
  3. Poetry Advent Calendar 2011
    Poetry Advent Calendar 2011 This advent calendar has 24 days, each shaped like candles that light once you open them. Behind each candle is a poem about love. Very nice.
  4. Advent Calendar Quiz 2011
    Advent Calendar Quiz 2011 This Advent calendar has 24 days and each opens a quiz question which you have until midnight of the current day to answer. You can collect points and compete against others.
  5. Xt3 Advent Calendar 2015
    Xt3 Advent Calendar 2015 This Advent Calendar is designed for more devout Christians, great for churches or youth groups. It has bible readings, daily reflections, and features - and works online so you can't cheat and open the doors in advance. :)



Christmas Advent Calendar.
Visit Santa at North Pole and help him get ready for the most magical and exciting night of the year.

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