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Rainy Live Wallpapers  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: With winter coming on, the rains will hit where I live. Rains always remind me of winter and Christmas - sort of like snow does in places where it's that cold. Here are some great rainy season live wallpapers.
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper
    Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper This is the best storm LWP for Android. Rainy grey clouds, raindrops, lightning strikes, and you can set the speed of the storm.
  2. Rain Live Wallpaper Demo
    Rain Live Wallpaper Demo This free version has the settings disabled so you are stuck with the default. You can set any background and watch raindrops fall over the foreground. Realistic.
  3. Raining Live Wallpaper
    Raining Live Wallpaper Like looking out of the window on a very rainy day.
  4. Rain Live Wallpaper
    Rain Live Wallpaper Beautiful rainy live wallpaper with rain falling on water.
  5. Raindrops Live Wallpapers
    Raindrops Live Wallpapers This is like looking out of a window onto the scene of your choice while raindrops slowly fall onto the window. Nice!
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