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Best Live Wallpapers for Chanukah!  by diablolita

diablolita says: Chanukah is coming and I'm very excited that it is late in December this year because it gives me more time to prepare! Here are my favorite live wallpapers for Chanukah.
diablolita's picks
  1. Hanukkah Live Wallpaper
    Hanukkah Live Wallpaper This very cute live wallpaper for Hanukkah features a house on a snowy hill with a moon in the sky and a Menorah on the lawn. The scene changes throughout the day - accurately portraying day/night, the phases of the moon, and the number of candles lit in the Menorah. Great!
  2. Menorah live wallpaper
    Menorah live wallpaper This live wallpaper features an interactive Menorah - you can light the candles by touching the screen. You can choose any background you want.
  3. Happy Hanukkah Live Wallpaper
    Happy Hanukkah Live Wallpaper This live wallpaper has a star of David shaped Menorah in the middle of geometric patterns with a Happy Hanukkah greeting - very very colorful and festive!
  4. Happy Hanukkah Live Wallpaper
    Happy Hanukkah Live Wallpaper A golden sparkling menorah and two dradels on a blue background. Simple but nicely done.
  5. Jewish Candles Live Wallpaper
    Jewish Candles Live Wallpaper This live wallpaper doesn't accurately depict a Menorah, rather spreads out candles across all screens. They flicker and shimmer. There is a quote from the old testament under them. Very nice non-standard LWP.
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