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Black Friday through Cyber Monday Shopping Apps  by LadyX

LadyX says: I love shopping, and I love getting a good deal even more. While I will be doing all my shopping for Black Friday through Cyber Monday online I have fun across some great apps for on and offline use!
LadyX's picks
  1. Black Friday 2015 - Best Deals
    Black Friday 2015 - Best Deals Awesome Black Friday application. Tons of awesome features like price compare, view ads on your phone, share deals, search for the deal you're looking for, and best of all find a nearby store!
  2. TGI Black Friday - 2015
    TGI Black Friday - 2015 Plan your Black Friday shopping madness with this app. View Black Friday ads and create a shopping list, mail it to yourself or friends helping you.
  3. Smart Aisles - Product Deals
    Smart Aisles - Product Deals Smart Aisles is a great app for figuring out the best price for that item you're looking for. It rates all the major online and store retailers and finds the best deal.
  4. TGI Cyber Monday
    TGI Cyber Monday Just like TGI Black Friday, this app will help you plan out your shopping activities for Cyber Monday. View all the CM ads, create a list, share it via social media or email it! Also helps you compare prices.
  5. Price Check by Amazon
    Price Check by Amazon I have Amazon Prime so I love shopping on Amazon. This handy app will allow you to scan any barcode and it will tell you what the price is on Amazon. Super handy if you're out for Black Friday and someone took the last one of the thing you want.
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