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D is for December  by droidbot1000

droidbot1000's picks
  1. Derby Girls
    Derby Girls This app is for the Bay Area Derby Girls and boy are they amazing! They are tough and the photos are awesome! Also, if you live in the Bay area, this app includes all of the info you need to try ou
  2. Daily Peanut
    Daily Peanut A must-have app for Charlie Brown fans. Almost every comic since 1953 right on your phone. Awesome!
  3. Dead Rider
    Dead Rider I think this game would be better if the controls were easier to use. I can't ever seem to accelerate to full capacity. Having said that, it's a neat driving game with a lot of jumps and cool tricks.
  4. Dodge Ball
    Dodge Ball Avoid the huge and small basketballs by tilting your phone side to side. It's worth the download, but I probably won't keep it on my phone.
  5. Discover Islam
    Discover Islam What is Islam and who are Muslims? Who is Allah? What do Muslims believe? This app answers all of these questions and more. Highly Recommend!
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