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Best Free Music Apps  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: Music shouldn't cost a darn thing and these apps agree with me completely.
Gabellini's picks
  1. Pandora® Radio
    Pandora® Radio This app is amazing. I've come across more new music via this app than any other source and even though the commercials are annoying I can live with knowing that in a matter of seconds, the sweet, free, music will once again return.
  2. SoundHound Music Search
    SoundHound Music Search This app has helped me to identify many songs that I would have normally been extremely frustrated over not knowing the name.
  3. SiriusXM
    SiriusXM So many stations it's hard to settle on just one.
  4. Slacker Radio
    Slacker Radio This app is great because you can customize stations with over 100 different genres to choose from.
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