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Best apps while traveling in Italy  by Mandroid3

Mandroid3 says: As I plan to travel to Italy soon, I have found these apps which will be useful once I'm there.
Mandroid3's picks
  1. TV Guide Italy
    TV Guide Italy To be able to view Italian TV while in Italy sounds delightful. This app gives you access to a week's worth of scheduling.
  2. Snow Report Italy
    Snow Report Italy To find the latest in ski conditions at Italy's ski resort, this widget tunes you in to real time.
    SOS EMERGENCY ITALY In case you need access to police, ambulance or fire stations while in Italy, this app provides you with their phone numbers.
  4. TripLingo Italian for Italy
    TripLingo Italian for Italy This app comes in handy as it customizes Italian phrases you may need based upon your itinerary.
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