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Best Thanksgiving meal apps  by Mandroid3

Mandroid3 says: Thanksgiving is a time for sharing food and fun. These apps give you history, recipes and party planning tips for Thanksgiving.
Mandroid3's picks
  1. Thanksgiving Helper
    Thanksgiving Helper This app gives you recipes and history for Thanksgiving.
  2. Thanksgiving Planner
    Thanksgiving Planner This app helps you make sure you don't forget any necessities when planning your Thanksgiving party.
  3. Best Thanksgiving Dinner Apps
    Best Thanksgiving Dinner Apps Find all the Thanksgiving recipes you need with this app's recommended recipe apps.
  4. Thanksgiving Food and Festival
    Thanksgiving Food and Festival For a bit of thanksgiving history and recipes, this app suits the bill.
  5. Thanksgiving Recipes
    Thanksgiving Recipes Find great thanksgiving recipes with this app.
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