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Natural Disasters: Tornadoes  by diablolita

diablolita says: I am obsessed with natural disasters. Here are some apps that help me get my tornado fix.
diablolita's picks
  1. Tornado Waters Live Wallpaper
    Tornado Waters Live Wallpaper This is a thrilling LWP with a tornado moving over the ocean near the coast, boats in the foreground. Awesome tornado on water action.
  2. Tornado Warning
    Tornado Warning This app alerts you when a tornado warning has been issued (not a tornado watch, not a tornado emergency - a tornado warning). Good to know.
  3. Tornado Warning Siren!
    Tornado Warning Siren! If you live in tornado country this is a fun app to mess with people. ;)
  4. Oceans Tornado Live Wallpaper
    Oceans Tornado Live Wallpaper An animated tornado atop a churning ocean.
  5. Monstrous Tornado Live Wallpap
    Monstrous Tornado Live Wallpap This live wallpaper features a category 5 tornado - HUGE tornado with debris and lightning.
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