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Best Android Apps for Tracking your Period  by diablolita

diablolita says: Whether you are trying to get pregnant, trying to keep from getting pregnant, monitoring for health reasons, or are just curious about your cycle - these are some great apps for tracking your menstrual calendar.
diablolita's picks
  1. Period Tracker Pro (Pink Pad)
    Period Tracker Pro (Pink Pad) This app tracks your period, weight, and mood - and connects you to a global support community. Easy-to-use widget included. This app can be set to notify you that your period is coming!
  2. Period Tracker
    Period Tracker This nice looking app allows you to track your period s on a calendar and to take notes about how you feel physically and emotionally during it. Comprehensive!
  3. Menstruation Ovulation Period
    Menstruation Ovulation Period This is a simple app that shows you on a calendar when your period is likely to occur and which days you are likely to be ovulating based on your entries of your period manually.
  4. Period and Ovulation Tracker
    Period and Ovulation Tracker This simplest period tracker is somehow my favorite. Enter a start and end date, and it calculates distance between your periods and predicts your next as well as your next ovulation. You can also set the days and override its prediction. Allows you to take notes about each period.
  5. WomanLog Pro Calendar
    WomanLog Pro Calendar For $2.99 you can get the pro version of this calendar. You can track your menstrual cycle, forecast fertility, see a 3 month summary on one screen, set a password, use different skins, monitor your mood, and tons more!!!! Packed with features.
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