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Android Apps that put the PHONE back in SmartPHONE  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: I love what my phone can do, check game scores, blog, watch Youtube, but sometimes I just want my phone to be a phone. These apps will help you get the best out of the basics and supercharge the actual phone features of your phone.
kcooper11's picks
  1. SMS to Swype
    SMS to Swype Super-charge your text. You've seen this in the commercials showing the world record for speed texting being broken by 5 whole seconds. After playing with the beta version of this app, I'm convinced that Swype is going to change the way we text. Simply drag a line through the letters of the word you want and Swype does the rest. Look for this to come pre-installed on handsets in the near future, it's that game changing.
  2. Google Voice
    Google Voice Super-charge your voicemail. Google Voice saves you time by letting you recieve and read voicemails by text, email, or right in the app. Also, if you use the provided Google voice number, you can listen in on voicemails while they're being left, record conversations on the fly and more.
  3. Antennas
    Antennas Super-charge your connection. Tired of crappy cell, EDGE or 3G reception? Just fire up Antenna and view the connection strength of your surrounding area. Extremely handy for those essential phone calls.
  4. Opera Mini mobile web browser
    Opera Mini mobile web browser Super-charge your... internet? Okay, okay. So this ins't a feature of a basic phone, but still, what's the point of having a smartphone if you can't surf the web? Opera Mini feels like the mobile web on steroids. You won't understand how you used Android's built-in browser for so long.



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