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Best free apps for managing personal finances  by Mandroid3

Mandroid3 says: Knowing where your money is and where it's going and when is key in today's money-based economy. These apps help you get a handle on managing your funds.
Mandroid3's picks
  1. Mint Bills: Bill Pay & Money
    Mint Bills: Bill Pay & Money THis app allows you to view your banks, credit card bills and investment accounts all i one place. It generates bill reminders too.
  2. Mint: Personal Finance & Money
    Mint: Personal Finance & Money Track your money, budget and manage your bank account and generate due notices with this app.
  3. Finance Tracker
    Finance Tracker Use this app to quickly log and track expenses while on the go. You can even compare past months' or years' expenses.
  4. Financisto - Expense Manager
    Financisto - Expense Manager This app is a definite aid in managing your personal finances.
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