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Android Apps for Micro-blogging on the Go  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: Micro-blogging services let you update friends and followers with short bursts of information. If you're like me, you got into mirco-blogging because traditional, long-form blogging doesn't fit into your lifestyle. But sometimes even mirco-blogging cuts into your schedule and that's where these apps can help. Here's a list of apps specifically for keeping your micro-blog up-to-date on the fly.
kcooper11's picks
  1. Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)
    Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) Seesmic is the best app for the best micro-blogging service. It supports multiple accounts, picture uploading and push notifications for new DM's or @replies.
  2. aTumble - Android Tumblr
    aTumble - Android Tumblr Tumblr is the standard in short-form blogging platforms. This app allows you to view your dashboard as well as quickly share all the sorts of media, text, images, video, tumblr is known for.
  3. Facebook
    Facebook The Android app for the world's most used social network is miles ahead of the web interface. Keep your friends up-to-date with status updates and photo uploads directly from your phone. You'll also receive all your fb notifications directly to your phones status bar, be careful though because I noticed this app really ate into my battery life.
  4. Pixelpipe Upload & Post
    Pixelpipe Upload & Post But what if you maintain more than one micro-blog? PixelPipe is my favorite app for sharing media across all my services. In total, PixelPipe supports over 100 sites and you can upload to all of them with one click so it's super easy to upload to twitter, tumblr and facebook all at once.



The tumblr app is one of my favorite iPhone apps too -- it's the perfect solution to those couple minutes of downtime I have throughout the day.

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Honestly, the aTumble needs some work. I'd love an official tumblr app like you iPhonies have.

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