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Apps to Have in a Car Crash  by LadyX

LadyX says: I was involved in an automobile accident this week and it was my very first one. I'm lucky to have made it this far in life without having to deal with the madness of what a car crash can do to your week. Here is a list of apps that would be helpful in the event of a car crash or emergency involving your car.
LadyX's picks
  1. Car Crash Emergency App
    Car Crash Emergency App This app will help you take down all the information that you'll need in the event of a car crash. It does have the ability to forward this information to the law firm associate with this app but you can also record it just for yourself.
  2. Progressive
    Progressive Easily report an accident to Progressive. Get roadside assistance. Find a service center. Even check in on your previously reported claim.
  3. GEICO Mobile
    GEICO Mobile If you have GEICO then you'll want to have this app with you. Gives you access to your insurance ID cards and helps you document an accident. Even helps you call a cab or rent a car if you need to.
  4. Pocket Agent®
    Pocket Agent® If you have State Farm this app is the one you want. Among it's many features you also get the ability to submit a claim (in the event of an accident) and find the closest repair center.
  5. Esurance Mobile
    Esurance Mobile Esurance customers will love this app. The accident toolkit is full of features that you can use in the event of an emergency.
  6. USAA Mobile
    USAA Mobile If you're covered by USAA this app can help you report a loss, file a claim and will even show you your insurance ID cards.
  7. My I.C.E. List
    My I.C.E. List This app gives you and emergency responders a way to quickly identify and contact your loved ones. A must have for everyone.
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