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Halloween is coming! Best Pumpkin Wallpapers for Android  by diablolita

diablolita says: I love carving and eating pumpkins (and their seeds!) for Halloween. Here are some lovely pumpkin wallpaper apps.
diablolita's picks
  1. Halloween wallpaper
    Halloween wallpaper Awesome HD Halloween wallpapers - lots of pumpkins!
  2. Halloween Pumpkin Smasher LWP
    Halloween Pumpkin Smasher LWP this live wallpaper presents you with groups of pumpkins of different backgrounds. You tap the screen to smash them. Smash more, advance further, set records, get out stress.
  3. Halloween Live Wallpaper
    Halloween Live Wallpaper Classic image of a pumpkin with a flickering candle inside. Against a black background. Timeless.
  4. Halloween Clock
    Halloween Clock Very awesome pumpkin clock!
  5. Hallos Eve Live Wallpaper
    Hallos Eve Live Wallpaper Artistic live wallpaper with glowing jack-o-lanterns and a dancing skeleton.
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