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Best Apps for Learning Spanish  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: I work in a pizza shop/restaurant and all of the cooks speak Spanish so I often have trouble retorting when they get upset and yell something in Spanish. Not only have these apps helped me to learn how to speak negatively but also I'm learning how to say other common things that make work progress more quickly.
Gabellini's picks
  1. Spanish English Translator
    Spanish English Translator With this app you have a translator that works in reverse as well as a dictionary and a new word for every day so you're learning something the second you open the app.
  2. Learn Spanish With Pictures
    Learn Spanish With Pictures This cool app lets you learn like you're sitting in a classroom; with pictures so that your brain has something to attach to the words, allowing you to remember them with more ease.
  3. Spanish Word of the Day
    Spanish Word of the Day This app gives me words that I actually end up using throughout my daily routine and therefor engraving them deeper into my brain.
  4. Spanish Verbs Pro
    Spanish Verbs Pro This app has so many different verbs and conjugations with grammar features that it makes learning verbs in Spanish easier and more quick than ever.



Here at Expanish Spanish school in Buenos Aires (, we've created our own list with what we think are the best apps for learning Spanish.
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