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Exploration with your Android: Apps for Discovering your World  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: If you're like me, you never know where you'll end up. Different neighborhoods, cities, states or even countries are all fair game. These apps can help you navigate the great outdoors, travel or find that cool, unknown place right around the corner.
kcooper11's picks
  1. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars
    KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars is my favorite place to start when planning an adventure. Not only does it allow you to book flights, hotels and rent cars on the cheap, it also searches all those other discount sites for you to ensure you're getting the best deal available. The mobile app does an amazing job of bringing all of the website's functionality to your handset. You can even sync up your itinerary with your Google calendar to ensure you don't miss your flight.
  2. The Weather Channel
    The Weather Channel Use this app to view the weather for perspective destinations. You can add multiple locations by zip code or city name. I really like the radar view to help determine how long that rain is going to last and the widget on my home screen to get the weather in a glance.
  3. Wikitude
    Wikitude So you've touched down and now it's time to get your bearings. Wikitude lets you view the world through your handsets lens. It uses GPS to display city names and other points of interest right on the screen.
  4. Layar
    Layar After you've done your recon and feel comfortable with your surroundings, it's time to get busy. Much like Wikitude, Layar will project points of interest on your screen using GPS to determine your location. However, Layar has MUCH more diversity. Layar has a ton of categories ("layers") to choose from including places to eat, drink and apartments to rent. If you're a Twitter user, you can even locate other tweeps using the service and that is just scratching the surface of the available layers.
  5. Maps
    Maps I call this app "Old Faithful". Once you've got your destination, plug it into Google maps and follow the directions. It really is that easy.
  6. Compass
    Compass If someone doesn't have a specific address you can plug in your map, Compass is a great backup app. Also great for camping, hiking or for that friend who loves giving directions using landmarks.
  7. Foursquare — Best City Guide
    Foursquare — Best City Guide So now that you've arrived, check-in using Foursquare. You can see if any of your friends are in the same location and keep track of where you've been on your journey! Happy travels!
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