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Must-Have Android Apps involving ELEPHANTS!  by diablolita

diablolita says: My mom's favorite animal is the elephant, and I have to admit they are pretty awesome. Here are some Android apps involving elephants.
diablolita's picks
  1. Dancing Elephant
    Dancing Elephant This app features an elephant who dances to disco music. If you shake your phone the elephant will dance. Very cute and fun for kids.
  2. Baby Elephant Wallpapers
    Baby Elephant Wallpapers The most adorable set of wallpapers with photos of baby elephants!
  3. Elephant Wallpapers
    Elephant Wallpapers A beautiful collection of 34 photos of elephants that you can set as wallpaper. Can save on SD card.
  4. Elephantz - Zuma Jewels Game!
    Elephantz - Zuma Jewels Game! This is a cute game involving colored elephants - sort of like bejeweled but it's a line of elephants that you line up and switch places to match the colors and clear the elephants.
  5. Talking Elephant
    Talking Elephant This app features a talking elephant that you can interact with by touching different parts of it. Fun for kids of all ages.
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