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Top 5 Android Apps for Learning Hungarian  by diablolita

diablolita says: I'm using these great apps to learn Hungarian!
diablolita's picks
  1. SlideIT Hungarian Classic Pack
    SlideIT Hungarian Classic Pack If you use SlideIT keyboard then this will give you the Hungarian key layout and dictionary for it.
  2. Hungarian<->English dictionary
    Hungarian<->English dictionary This is a great English/Hungarian dictionary, and worth the $19.95. It talks, has multiple search functions, and over 50,000 translations. Recommend.
  3. Byki Hungarian
    Byki Hungarian This is a fun, comprehensive language learning app with photos, written words, and audio pronunciations of the words. It costs $9.99 but is worth it as you really do learn from it. It has lots of learning features like quizzes and you can share your progress to Facebook.
  4. Learn Hungarian WordPower
    Learn Hungarian WordPower This is a great, easy app that teaches you one Hungarian word per day through text in Hungarian, English - and audio pronunciation.
  5. uTalk Hungarian
    uTalk Hungarian This is a great learning app and costs $9.6. It has a variety of learning tools and makes use of pictures and quizzes and fun games. Can't store on SD card. :(
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