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Apps for Dream Interpreting and a Good Nights Sleep  by LadyX

LadyX says: I've had some crazy dreams recently so I started looking at apps for interpreting them and falling asleep a little easier.
LadyX's picks
  1. Dream Dictionary
    Dream Dictionary Great app for figuring out what your dream means. Seeing apples? Search for apples. :)
  2. Interpret your Dream
    Interpret your Dream Another great dream interpreting resource.
  3. Lucid Dreamer
    Lucid Dreamer Recommended by a friend. I am trying this one out to see if it will help me dream more lucidly.
  4. Relax and Sleep
    Relax and Sleep Great white noise creator. Love the thunder and lightning!



Try this app for dreams. It is very different from everything else out-there. NOT a dream dictionary, but an interactive A.I. that guides you as deep as you want to go, to find what the dream means to you, and how you could use its message in order to enrich your everyday life.

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