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Root User Toolbox  by deathsdezire

deathsdezire says: I finally Rooted my Android Phone, and so I decided to make a Toolbox of must haves for a potential Root user or a current Root user.
deathsdezire's picks
  1. Superuser
    Superuser Must have in order to allow root only programs the root access to operate.
  2. ROM Toolbox Lite
    ROM Toolbox Lite Allows you to download and install ROM's, Back up ROM's, Manage backups, Wipe data, Wipe cache, Wipe dalvik-cache, and Wipe battery stats, plus much, much more!
  3. BusyBox for Android
    BusyBox for Android Most of your ROOT apps will require this in order to install/operate correctly.
  4. Titanium Backup ★ root
    Titanium Backup ★ root Must have! It allows you to back up your apps, so when you flash to a new ROM, you can quickly restore your apps without having to remember what you had, then download them all over again, it evens backs up your app data, so you want have to re-configure anything!
  5. Wireless Tether for Root Users
    Wireless Tether for Root Users This app allows a Rooted phone, that didnt previously have the ability to tether, to tether.... FOR FREE!
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