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Top 10 Essential Android Apps: User Picks   by sharakarasic

sharakarasic says: Here are the top 10 Android apps most listed by users. A good list to share with new Android users when they ask what the must-have Android apps are.
sharakarasic's picks
  1. Maps
  2. Angry Birds
  3. Evernote
  4. Pandora® internet radio
  5. Foursquare
  6. Dropbox
  7. Facebook
  8. Google Voice
  9. Appolicious
    Appolicious Guys, we're honored. ;-)
  10. Twitter
    Twitter Tied with Kindle and WeatherBug.



Haha, I'm probably the reason Evernote is on there. I think I probably have it on every other list. It's just so lovely.

Associated Apps:  Evernote

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I like FriendCaster for Android better than the standard Facebook app. I think anyone who tries it will agree! IMHO, that is!

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Hi, I want to share with you application to manage sms by the web site. This is SmsLemon ( I like it :)

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