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Sept. Apps for Tech/Social JUNKIES  by droidbot1000

droidbot1000 says: From the Korean equivalent to Google to an affordable iPhone projector? Check out these apps!
droidbot1000's picks
  1. Innovation Nation
    Innovation Nation I can't believe I haven't heard about this earlier. This app is super cool. It's a contest for inventors and it also has video clips of cool consumer gadgets. Best gadget I've come across so far is the Cinemin Swivel Pocket Projector. In short, it turns your iPhone into a projector without a need for a tripod. How cool is that! Highly Recommend!
  2. 네이버 - NAVER
    네이버 - NAVER Check out the Korean Search Engine Naver! Sorry, you won't get very far, unless you speak Korean or have a Korean friend. Still, it's always interesting to use a tool other than Google and supposedly you will never accidentally run into porn!
  3. Connection Checker
    Connection Checker This is a handy little tool, although I haven't had to use it to actually "fix" anything, so I'll write an update on this app when that happens. Although, hopefully there won't be any problems with my connection. Comments?
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