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Handy Networking Tools   by DeviceMonstah

DeviceMonstah says: If you ever want to access your lovely network devices (servers, network storage, switches, ...) from remote places (even from home) here you can find a small list of handy apps for this purpose
DeviceMonstah's picks
  1. VPNC Widget
    VPNC Widget My best friend when I want to access home network from outside. My endpoint is a Cisco 1800 series with a IPSEC+IKE/GRE VPN and this work like a charm! Highly recommended until Google implement directly into the kernel missing IPSEC+IKE/GRE authentication.
  2. ConnectBot
    ConnectBot When you need a shell but don't have a console opened somewhere. A simple SSH client, also support Telnet protocol.
  3. AndSMB (samba client)
    AndSMB (samba client) Need some files from your windows workstation? This works on SAMBA shares.
  4. AndFTP (your FTP client)
    AndFTP (your FTP client) Need some files from your server? This works with File Transfer Protocol.
  5. Fing - Network Tools
    Fing - Network Tools A great multi purpose tool, the swiss army knife you're supposed to own when something goes wrong with your network. Network discovery, portscan, trace, resolve domain names....
  6. PocketCloud Remote RDP / VNC
    PocketCloud Remote RDP / VNC Need to access remotely (and securely) your desktop from somewhere outside? Try this in conjunction with a VPN.
  7. Router Passwords
    Router Passwords When you're running in troubles because can't find default password for equipment. Sometimes my friends or customers set their passwords and after that simply forget it requiring restore to factory values when a new device comes in.
  8. Network Info II
    Network Info II Here you can find some info's on your device including: mac addresses (wifi & bt), IPv6 protocol info, carrier's cell's info and also last location fix and accuracy.
  9. LanDroid
    LanDroid If Network Info II is too limited and you want more, grab this! Detailed technical information's, routes, netstat, arpcache, whois and also a blacklisted domain searcher.
  10. WOLdroid WOL Wake On Lan
    WOLdroid WOL Wake On Lan When you need a magic packet to start a machine with Wake On Lan. Very simple yet very useful.



Very useful list for the geeks, er, I mean IT professionals! Thank you.

Reply to comment Posted September 16, 2011