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Best Apps for Watching Internet Videos  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: With millions of terrible videos online, it's apps like these that help you filter out countless videos that aren't worth watching so you can focus on watching the worthwhile ones. Unless of course you like watching silly and perhaps stupid videos as I often do, then these Apps will help you find even more of them and make watching them more entertaining.
Gabellini's picks
  1. YouTube
    YouTube Whenever I want to watch some video that I've heard of I always check youtube first and it's there 9/10 times, if not more. Since I have it on my phone i can share funny and often silly videos with anyone who crosses my path.
  2. Vevo - Watch HD Music Videos
    Vevo - Watch HD Music Videos I love watching cool music videos and this app makes it easy to find the good ones and leave the bad ones alone, because there are way more poor videos than decent ones.
  3. YouTube Remote
    YouTube Remote With this high-tech remote I'm able to both control my internet television as well as my computer monitor so I can watch Youtube videos and movies while never getting up from my couch; the ultimate tool for the internet video buff couch potato.
  4. Adobe Flash Player 11
    Adobe Flash Player 11 This App is still in the process of becoming great but I've successfully watched a fair amount of videos, chiefly ones using megavideo as a host, one that I use the most on my computer but I have problems almost every time I access it.
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