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Best apps to get you cycling to school  by Mandroid3

Mandroid3 says: A convenient way to get to school and to avoid crowded parking lots and fees is bicycling. These apps will assist you in finding a bicycle if you don't already own one, in outfitting yourself and your bicycle and in planning your route.
Mandroid3's picks
  1. Bicycling for Fun and Fitness
    Bicycling for Fun and Fitness This app is loaded with information on the different types of bikes including equipment and accessories. It also gives you fitness tips for every day riding and for those who want to race.
  2. Bike Shop Locator (USA)
    Bike Shop Locator (USA) If you are in need of a bicycle or just need to fix up or add to the one you own, it's great to have a handy reference listing of bike shops which this app provides.
  3. Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner
    Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner This app lets you choose your route before you go for the quickest or quietest path. If you find yourself in need of a bike path, you can search a 6 mile radius from where you are.
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