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Shake it up!!!  by MikaelaLynn

MikaelaLynn says: In the wake of the earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia, the topic of the day is Earthquake!!!
MikaelaLynn's picks
  1. Earthquake!
    Earthquake! Gives the scale, location, and time of the most recent earthquakes world wide.
  2. Latest Quakes
    Latest Quakes Lists the world's most recent quakes. Provides magnitude, time, date, location, distance from you, and a map!
  3. Earthquake Alert!
    Earthquake Alert! Gives information about earthquakes you can set the filters to look at different info pertaining to the quakes. A little strange that it only gives options for 1000 miles away or worldwide.
  4. Earthquake Survival Tips
    Earthquake Survival Tips This app gives you a portable survival guide. Gives tips for before, during, and after a quake.
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