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My Finnish List - Must Have Android Apps for Learning Finnish  by diablolita

diablolita says: I remember learning in linguistics class that Finnish and Hungarian closely share linguistic roots (Finno-Ugric). I always found that interesting, and now I'm trying to learn some Finnish.
diablolita's picks
  1. English<>Finnish Dictionary TR
    English<>Finnish Dictionary TR This free app is an English/Finnish dictionary with 10,000 words. All words have audio recordings! It has some great features like storing the last 50 words you looked up for easy access, hyperlinks between related words, and more.
  2. Finnish for Smart Keyboard
    Finnish for Smart Keyboard If you use Smart Keyboard here is an app that will give you the Finnish key set and layout.
  3. Byki Finnish
    Byki Finnish This is a fun, comprehensive language learning app with photos, written words, and audio pronunciations of the words. It costs $9.99 but is worth it as you really do learn from it. It has lots of learning features like quizzes and you can share your progress to Facebook.
  4. SPB Finnish Cards
    SPB Finnish Cards These flash cards have not only the words, but native speakers reading them AND photos. Super easy to learn, $4.95 for it. It would be nice if there were more verbs included, it's noun-heavy.
  5. Finnish Dialog
    Finnish Dialog This is a great app if you are going to Finland and haven't learned Finnish. It's only $.99 and contains a lot of common phrases used in traveling, plus will translate from English into Finnish.
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