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My Swedish List - Must Have Android Apps for Learning Swedish  by diablolita

diablolita says: As usual, my language learning requirements depend on what foreign nationality person I am dating at the moment. You know who you are, and I'm learning Swedish for you. :)
diablolita's picks
  1. Speak Swedish
    Speak Swedish This app is $3.99 and will teach you 133 often used phrases in Swedish. It has written and spoken (by a native) examples of the phrases and breaks them down nicely. Great if you just need to learn enough Swedish to visit Sweden.
  2. English to Swedish Flashcards
    English to Swedish Flashcards This app costs $0.99 and is a flash card app with 5000 Swedish words.
  3. SlideIT Swedish Classic Pack
    SlideIT Swedish Classic Pack If you use SlideIT keyboard then this will give you a Swedish key layout for it. Recommend!
  4. Swedish Synonyms
    Swedish Synonyms This has 40,000 pairs of words in Swedish! It's a great help to learning a language because it doubles your chances of learning the words for a given concept.
  5. Swedish-English Dictionary
    Swedish-English Dictionary This Swedish English dictionary costs $6.99 and works offline. It's a huge dictionary with over 75,000 words and some nice features like spelling and inflection guides.



Check out LingQ's Android App, It lets you study Swedish and 14 other languages as long as you are at least a Basic member of the LingQ website. With a large library of Swedish lessons with audio and transcript, vocabulary tools, tutoring and a lively community LingQ provides a lot of great Swedish learning resources which can be accessed on your Android phone while on the go.

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