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Back to School Apps  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: It's about that time when I start adjusting my sleep schedule, stop going to the beach nearly everyday and begin to shop for items I'll need for the upcoming semester. These apps are proving very useful and I'm positive they will for any other of my fellow students out there
Gabellini's picks
  1. Amazon
    Amazon With so many companies trying to rip you off constantly, I find economic shelter in online sites, particularly this one simply because the prices go so much lower than most sites and they have a huge variety of books that I'll need
  2. Alarm Clock Plus★
    Alarm Clock Plus★ This wonderful app has been helping me greatly to staunch my summer sleeping schedule which consists of me waking up everyday after at least 11. I have no doubt that by the time classes start I'll be more than able to hop out of bed early without that horrible groggy feeling
  3. eBay
    eBay I started using ebay in middle school and the concept of out-betting other people in order to get a good deal appealed to me so much that I haven't stopped using it frequently since. With this app I'm able to keep an eye on the bids placed on items I'm trying to buy so I won't be outbidded simply because I left my computer for a brief moment
  4. Best Buy
    Best Buy Whenever I want to buy new electronics, I always go through best buy because a lot of the time when using apps like moblie ebay, I've encountered products that people list as new or not so messed up and when they arrive I find out that they conveniently forgot to mention some detail about the condition. This app makes purchasing from best buy way more convenient than going to the online site when out and about
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