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School House App(s)  by MikaelaLynn

MikaelaLynn says: So I just picked my nephew up from his first day of fifth grade. Eeeekkk! So, this list is dedicated to some handy Back to School apps.
MikaelaLynn's picks
  1. Einstein Math Academy
    Einstein Math Academy This game is terribly difficult, but addictive. You are given a field of numbers and Symbols, and you have to build your own equations. Each equation finished gives bonuses, etc....
  2. Back to school List
    Back to school List Create your own school supply list, then check items off when you get them. Basic, but will keep you from loosing those paper lists!
  3. Mental Math Ninja
    Mental Math Ninja So I wouldn't give this to my nephew, but I'm kind of excited to watch the videos! It gives video tutorials on different levels of math and how to improve your mental math abilities! I'm kind of geeking out here...
  4. School Helper
    School Helper This is a virtual planner for the 21st century student!
  5. Old School Snake
    Old School Snake Every student should have this game....
  6. Zappos: Shoes, Clothes, & More
    Zappos: Shoes, Clothes, & More We all love Back to School clothes!
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