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Android Apps everyone in College needs!  by lizjones

lizjones says: I market mobile apps - and my college bound friend asked for a list of apps for her Android device - so thought I'd share the list!
lizjones's picks
  1. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. Best app for taking notes and syncs between your computer and your phone/tablet!
  2. Remote Desktop, RDP - PRO
    Remote Desktop, RDP - PRO Best File transfer app - access all your computer files from your phone/tablet. Awesome! And on sale on Amazon now for $4.99!
  3. Mint: Personal Finance & Money
    Mint: Personal Finance & Money Keep track of your finances. I needed this one in college!
  4. SoundHound Music Search
    SoundHound Music Search Best app to figure out what that song is that's playing on the radio. Or to get lyrics. Love it.
  5. LinkedIn Pulse
    LinkedIn Pulse Best app for getting all your favorite news in one place.
  6. TheFind: Scan, Search, Shop
    TheFind: Scan, Search, Shop Best app for finding the best prices on anything you want to buy!
  7. Skype - free IM & video calls
    Skype - free IM & video calls Best app to keep in touch with all your friends and family.
  8. Pandora® Radio
    Pandora® Radio Best radio app - period.
  9. Yahoo Sports
    Yahoo Sports Best app for sports fan.
  10. Mixology™ Drink Recipes
    Mixology™ Drink Recipes No college list would be complete without a bartender app - and this one is great!
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