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My Absolute Most-Used, Favorite Apps  by dmlasp

dmlasp says: I've spent a good bit of time trying to figure out the apps that work best for me. Not all are perfect and some have room for improvement, but I'm using them until/unless I find something better.
dmlasp's picks
  1. Astrid Tasks & To-do List
    Astrid Tasks & To-do List For my personal tasks; easy to use with tons of features; syncs with
  2. Ultimate To-Do List License
    Ultimate To-Do List License Great for my work tasks; syncs with
  3. Folder Organizer
    Folder Organizer The pro version is well worth the price. Organize your apps into dynamic folders that can be edited directly from home screens.
  4. TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook)
    TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook) For now this is my app of choice for social networking, but for FB-only I'm trying Friendcaster and Twitter only I'm trying TweetCaster. Google+ is great too.
  5. Smart Taskbar 1 Pro key
    Smart Taskbar 1 Pro key Great for multi-tasking to switch to different apps without closing out of what you're doing; I created a shortcut (a transparent, small arrow that requires a long press) that brings up menus of my apps.
  6. BuzzBox News
    BuzzBox News #1 favorite news app. Loads quickly; sorts by categories; good choice of news sources; list format that un-highlights headline names as you scroll; night theme.
  7. Note Everything Pro Add-On
    Note Everything Pro Add-On Great for "durable" (reuseable) checklists and notes of all sorts. Wish I could combine this with Evernote and ListMaster Pro.
  8. Quick Profiles
    Quick Profiles Makes it easy to manage my phone settings with a single click.
  9. Pocket
    Pocket It does exactly what the name says, and integrates so well with numerous other apps.
  10. App2SD &App Manager-Save Space
    App2SD &App Manager-Save Space Fastest one I've been able to find; when I download a new app the app only works on moving that one, instead of listing every app on my phone, which some app-to-SDs try to do.
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