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Android Apps for Stayin' Alive (when you're sick)  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: Ever been so sick and miserable that you couldn't bear the thought of even slogging over to your laptop to get anything done... let alone going out of the house? The summer cold socked me HARD this week and it was so frustrating because I had so much to do. These awesome apps kept me mostly on track while I was in a DayQuil haze.
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. WebMD for Android
    WebMD for Android This was a bit of an indulgence... never suggest a what's-wrong-with-me-now app to a sick person, they'll just turn all hypochondriac on you. But if you're already sick, this is a great app for fooling yourself into thinking you've got something really weird instead of just the sniffles.
  2. TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook)
    TweetDeck (Twitter, Facebook) When you're only feeling coherent for minutes at a time, you want to get all your updates from the outside world in one place. This app gives you Twitter and Facebook together to keep you cued in to the social scene, even when you really have nothing to post besides begging someone to bring you soup.
  3. LinkedIn Pulse
    LinkedIn Pulse This news app is great for scanning the headlines of all your favorite sites and topics in a flash. Again, just one app to scroll through instead of a million. Easy on the eyes there, sickie.
  4. ZYRTEC® AllergyCast
    ZYRTEC® AllergyCast Okay, THIS was interesting. The mold count is stupidly high here in the midwest so I know that was part of why I was feeling so lousy and snarffly. It was kind of cool to use this app for real-time updates on allergens in my area and for tips on feeling better.
  5. Order PIzza
    Order PIzza Just don't sneeze on the delivery guy. GET WELL SOON!
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