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Aaaaahhhh!!!! SHARK!!!!! Favorite Shark Android Apps  by diablolita

diablolita says: I love sharks. I've a shark costume I've worn at Burning Man for the past 3 years. They are awesome creatures and we are no match for them! Here are some sharky apps for all you fellow shark lovers!
diablolita's picks
  1. Hungry Shark Free!
    Hungry Shark Free! This free version of Hungry Shark is a lot of fun. It's a game where you build up your shark by eating people and other things. This free version is limited to 12,500 points. Eat stuff, fight enemies and lost objects, and unlock achievements and compete with friends! Very addictive for shark lovers of all ages!
  2. Shark Reef Live Wallpaper Free
    Shark Reef Live Wallpaper Free This live wallpaper features an underwater coral reef where sharks swim skulkily through the screen. Realistic!
  3. Sharks : Wild Animals
    Sharks : Wild Animals This is the ultimate app for shark lovers, and it is free! It has 30 HD photos you can use as wallpaper (inc. zoom) and share with friends, quizzes, wikipedia info, puzzle games, and you can listen to shark sounds too! Great for learning about different kinds of sharks. Recommend!
  4. Shark Attack Live Wallpaper
    Shark Attack Live Wallpaper Scary shark that attacks when you touch the screen!
  5. Sharks!
    Sharks! This app is $2.99 and is a stunning slideshow of shark photos by professional underwater photographers.
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