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The Zombies Are Coming!!  by LadyX

LadyX says: I love zombie flicks, games and pretty much anything end of the world. Here are a collection of my favorite zombie killing games. :)
LadyX's picks
  1. Stupid Zombies
    Stupid Zombies With your limited ammo your goal is to shoot true and in most cases ricochet your bullet off any usable surface to kill as many zombies as possible. In the later levels you get even more neat ammo to add to your collection – Straight bullets, buckshot, splitshot, and grenades!
  2. Zombieville USA
    Zombieville USA The very first Android zombie game that got me hooked. Simple interface but tons of fun. See if you too can survive that ghost white running zombie!
  3. Zombie City
    Zombie City Built like an old school scrolling game this zombie killing experience is sure to make you 'eep' and giggle.
  4. Age of Zombies
    Age of Zombies Can't wait till this game is supported on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Friend recommended I try this one out, says it's 'wicked fun!'
  5. Whack Zombies
    Whack Zombies Whack-a-mole meets 'braaaaaaaaains.'
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