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Calculator Apps  by Irishgirl87

Irishgirl87 says: Bad with numbers? If so, then you can pick what type of calculator is best for you and hope it makes numbers easier.
Irishgirl87's picks
  1. Scientific Calculator
    Scientific Calculator This is your run of the mill calculator. It helps you to do basics of math which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  2. 스마트금융계산기
    스마트금융계산기 This is multi functional calculator which allows you to work with several different financial supports. You can use it for monthly deposits, final amount, fixed deposit, exchange rates, loans and sales, unit prices and consumptions and lastly calculate your notes.
  3. Office Calculator Free
    Office Calculator Free This app lets you switch between calculator and tape view to allow you to have a full screen view of either option. It also offers you to work with fixed point arithmetic or floating point. It supports three modes: up, down and 5/4 along with letting you calculate percentages.
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