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Staying Off the Grid: Android Apps for the Privacy Inclined   by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: The internet, social media and mobile devices have made sharing ourselves with the World easier than ever. But what about those times when you need to keep something to yourself? Help control your personal information leakage with these apps.
kcooper11's picks
  1. Secure Encrypted Text TRIAL
    Secure Encrypted Text TRIAL This is your goto app for sending secure text messages. Once both parties have the application installed, you can send encrypted texts to one another, ensuring no third parties have compromised the message during transport.
  2. OpenPGP Manager
    OpenPGP Manager PGP has been the defacto email cryptographic and authentication program for twenty years. The mobile version allows you to import keys you currently use, as well as export, sync and publish new keys.
  3. TorProxy: anonymous connection
    TorProxy: anonymous connection Installs a proxy backbone on your phone which works with the Shadow browser to access the internet, ensuring that you remain anonymous while you surf.
  4. Shadow - anonymous web browser
    Shadow - anonymous web browser This is the browser which takes advantage of the TorProxy app. With it you can access the web and surf without having to worry about being identified by third parties. Includes cookie management to keep you up to date on who may be tracking your web usage.
  5. HideNSeek
    HideNSeek This app disguises itself as a flashlight, but hit the menu button 3 times and you'll be prompted with a login screen. Once logged in, you can hide files from the operating system, keeping pictures from showing in the gallery, movies from showing in the video player and more. Files can still be seen from a file manager app but this will keep things hidden from all but the most advanced users.
  6. Obscura (Trial version)
    Obscura (Trial version) So you're ready to do more than just hide those images from the OS? Obscura is there to help you take your concealment to the next level. This app will actually encrypt picture files, making them unreadable by anyone who may get physical access to the files, by such means as stealing the SD card where they are stored. Perfect for those who swap media and storage cards frequently.



I'd like to see a list like this for the iPhone!

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