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Best Shopping List Apps  by Mandroid3

Mandroid3 says: Nearly everyone goes shopping for things, no matter what age they may be, so these apps are there to help you save time, money, and effort when embarking on your shopping journey each time
Mandroid3's picks
  1. Grocery iQ
    Grocery iQ With voice-typing software, it's hard to not use this app to form your grocery shopping list. Plus this app has tons more features that make it the ultimate tool to take along with you grocery shopping
  2. OI Shopping list
    OI Shopping list With the capability to record the name and price of each item you either buy on a regular basis or want to buy, this app will help you save time by eliminating that long pause when you're trying to decide what to buy while still conserving your cash
  3. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. I use this app whenever I want to jot down a thought I had but I've found that it's terribly handy when trying to compile a list of things I want to go buy as well
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