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Caffeine  by diablolita

diablolita says: Caffeine is one of the most-used drugs in US society. Here are some apps about caffeine, coffee, tea, and soda.
diablolita's picks
  1. Caffeine Dictionary Lite
    Caffeine Dictionary Lite This free version of the Caffeine Dictionary lets you look up the caffeine content of drinks and food items. It has an alphabetical list that is searchable - and works offline. Useful for trying to get a handle on your caffeine intake.
  2. Caffeine Tracker
    Caffeine Tracker This app cots US$1.00 and helps you track your caffeine intake. Record each drink you take and it will add it up for you, and tell you your current caffeine level (assumes rate of caffeine metabolism). Has built in database but also allows you to add to that.
  3. Caffeine Content
    Caffeine Content This app costs US$2.99 and lets you look up the grams of caffeine in your beverage.
  4. Coffee Counter
    Coffee Counter This app helps you keep track of how much coffee you are drinking. It also charts your intake as a graph - which is a nice quick visual way to see how you are doing if you are trying to cut down.
  5. Orgo: Alkaloids
    Orgo: Alkaloids This is a flash card app that helps you learn about alkaloids - including caffeine!
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