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Top Grocery Shopping Apps  by LadyX

LadyX says: As I've been working on getting in better shape I've also been paying attention to the food I've been buying and eating. These apps have been helping me make good food purchasing decisions!
LadyX's picks
  1. AmazonFresh
    AmazonFresh If you're in Seattle this app will help you order your groceries from AmazonFresh! Hopefully this app will expand to more markets soon!
  2. Cookpad
    Cookpad This awesome app will help you make your grocery list based on what you want to cook for the next few days. Need to start eating more protein? Search for recipes with more meats, nuts and other foods. Also helpful if you're trying to figure out what to make for dinner the night before your grocery trip and you only have a few things in the pantry.
  3. Our Groceries Shopping List
    Our Groceries Shopping List This handy app will sync your family "shopping list" between multiple devices. So you can send your sweetie to the store after work and if you pick up milk on your way and want it marked off the list this app will do that too!
  4. Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper
    Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper This is a great app if you love coupons or need to shop on a budget. So far it tracks Target, Rite-Aid, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. I'm hoping they will add Safeway, QFC and Fred Meyer soon!
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