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Writing tools for the Creative Writer   by Irishgirl87

Irishgirl87 says: Here are a few apps to keep your creative mind going through the day
Irishgirl87's picks
  1. GenialWriting
    GenialWriting You can use handwriting with this app. You have the choice to pick your pen width and color. It allows you to choose portrait or landscape format as well. There are 12 different types of notes books and once you've erased something and want it back just shake your phone. You can also insert pictures.
  2. Becoming Creative
    Becoming Creative This app offers you to do web design, web development, motion graphics, tutorials, and photography.
  3. Poetry 4 U
    Poetry 4 U This app is specifically if you love to write and share your poems with rest of the world. It easy to use. Just email poems to people and search them too.
  4. My Writing Spot (lite)
    My Writing Spot (lite) Some features of My Writing Spot are having the ability to write in portrait or landscape. There is a word count as well. You have document groups and use a thesaurus and dictionary if you so desire. You can also email your documents or sync it to the My Writing Spot web app so you don't have to worry about managing and saving everything.
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