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Hotel Horrors, and How to Avoid Them  by jelagasse

jelagasse says: I am a frequent traveler, and also on a tight budget. In the past, those two factors have combined to create some memorable (not in the good way) experiences. On a recent trip to Michigan, these are some of the tools I used to keep the price and the sketchiness level down.
jelagasse's picks
  1. TripAdvisor Hotels Flights
    TripAdvisor Hotels Flights When we were looking at hotels for our last trip, we were under the erroneous impression that all of Michigan was a serene sort of suburban/rural place. Not so. In fact, the particular town in michigan we were staying in is caught in a sort of pull between impoverished year round residents and rich summer residents that causes a lot of acrimony, and problems. Through trip advisor's expert guidance (which let us know flat out which cheap options were 'horror hotels' as one guest dubbed them, and which were just a little out of date), we were able to find a cheap, clean, safe option.
  2. Priceline Hotels, Flight & Car
    Priceline Hotels, Flight & Car Being on a budget doesn't mean you always have to rock the Motel 6 or the Super 8. With this app, you can secure a less than upscale price for some upscale digs.
  3. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars
    KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars Even more than priceline, this is my go to for budget flights and lodgings. It has never steered me wrong, and often saves me a boatload of money over other sites.
  4. Hotels
    Hotels In my experience, avoid this app! And here's why-though they guarantee the lowest price, when I was attempting to book an airport hotel in denver, I got frustrated with the interface and just called a holiday inn. The price they quoted me at the desk was $15 less than it was on the website. Whether that's due to service charges or whatever, all I can say is I have not had that experience with Kayak.
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