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Great Apps for History Buffs  by Gabellini

Gabellini says: Whether you're studying some sort of history or are simply just interested in learning as much as you can handle without your brain exploding, these apps will meet your every inquiring need
Gabellini's picks
  1. WikiMobile (Wikipedia Browser)
    WikiMobile (Wikipedia Browser) If only I'd had this app during tests for world history, US history and pretty much any other test that inquired about anything known to the public. This App is truly fantastic and it has helped me to settle a good number of arguments.
  2. Wiki Encyclopedia
    Wiki Encyclopedia This is pretty much the same as the previous app I listed except it saves your settings as well as running more smoothly, or so it seems to me
  3. Britannica Encyclopedia  2011
    Britannica Encyclopedia 2011 The only reason I would ever even think about purchasing this app is if I was to major in history or something around that realm, so that anytime the professor would ask a stump question or any one needed help with some homework I could bust out my phone and find even the most minor detail about places, people, cultures and much, much more.
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