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My Favorite Android Apps for Seattle, Washington  by JennyMurphy

JennyMurphy says: I lived in Seattle for three years. The city is great, and the people are even better. I used these apps when I lived there!
JennyMurphy's picks
  1. Seattle Weekly Free
    Seattle Weekly Free This is the app for the Seattle Weekly. It has a comprehensive restaurant guide sorted by location and cuisine, an events calendar, articles on local events and places, slideshows, a nightlife guide, and more. Very useful!
  2. Seattle Dog Park Finder
    Seattle Dog Park Finder This app lets you look at Seattle off-leash dog parks on the phone. You can search by name, see more info on the hours and rules for each park, and see the park on a map.
  3. Travel Seattle 2011
    Travel Seattle 2011 This is an extensive travel guide for Seattle that costs $9.99. It has not just current things like nightlife, dining, lodging, and attractions - but also lots of info on culture and history of the area. Very comprehensive - the only guidebook you'd need!
  4. West Seattle Herald
    West Seattle Herald This free app has news, photos, video, and more for West Seattle and beyond. Nice UI, good for keeping up on local news.
  5. Seattle Transit: AnyStop
    Seattle Transit: AnyStop This app has Seattle transit info for all your public transport needs.
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